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Willson speaker systems

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WILLSON is a multifunctional premium class speaker system for fullrange operation.

WILLSON´s ECO Series is optimized for the best performance and price for the audio market at all sports venues, not only for large sports areas or halls, but also for aerobic centers or smaller fitness studios.

Integration of advanced design high power transducers, precision-coverage horns and digital control electronics provide clearly superior performance. By using the finest components, woofers and horns, WILLSON protects them by a black
full-face perforated heavy-duty metal grille. With an extremely compact design and low weight, the ECO range features optimized handling und easy transport attributes for mobile demand at all sport areas. WILLSON also offers a wide range of mounting kits for flying installations.

This series has been value engineered to provide systems with the highest performance vs. cost available. WILLSON and megasport have the right loudspeaker solution for your venue.