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Line Array sound systems

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Sound reinforcement systems for arenas and other large indoor spaces have made remarkable strides over the past few years in terms of sonic performance and flexibility.

Our media technology planning team mount on linearray system solutions cause of a dynamic full bandwidth sound you only hear at hifi or cinema locations worldwide. Whether it’s a single-source or distributed loudspeaker design, megasport offers the products and experience to help you creating a major league sound system.

We use curved ELW linearrays to avoid sound shadows at the auditorium, we develop compact loudspeaker systems in harmony with its surroundings.

ARRAYNA LA-3 is one of the most compact linearray solutions on the market (each unit has only 52 pounds). We recommend ELW linearrays with horizontal splendor characteristic of 120 degrees and guarantee full stereo sounding on all listener positions at your sportvenues.

ELW systems will be delivered complete with modern digital controlling units. For this reason, our ELW loudspeaker solutions are able to reproduce music and speech perfectly with clarity and power over long distances.